In a Relationship?

Hello, it’s me again 😀

I feel like driven-by-something to pour my idea right now here, in my blog. And it’s about the relationship. Yap, men-woman relationship, not regular friendship.

I have a boyfriend, my first cutest sweetest kindest boyfriend ever! hahaha

I love him, and I know he know it well too. I feel like, he cares me a lot too. At first, I feel like “yap, I was being kind to him and we’ll see what’s next” . But now, it rolled out 180 degrees. I feel like “OMG, I don’t even know how to give back to him. He is the true kindest boyfriend, I don’t know what to do to treat him :”) ”

I want to shout to the world, I’m the luckiest girl hahaha

But, I am also an ordinary girl, indeed. Before I met him, I had an ideal type in my mind and actually I didn’t find it at him at the first time we meet. But, I wasn’t and am not lie that I really loved and love and always love him. Gue mudah jatuh pada lelaki yang lembut dan sabar 🙂

Ya, gue punya beberapa kriteria, seperti dia harus sangat tinggi, hitam manis, kurus dan super pintar. Sebetulnya sebagian nggak gue temukan dalam diri dia. Mungkin diapun begitu terhadap gue. Tapi gimana yaa, nyaman bangetttt jalan sama pacar gue yang paling gue sayang ituuu.

Apa akibatnya? Gue kalo ngeliat cowo ganteng versi gue di internet, gue tetep suka wkwk. Nggak salah pastinya tapi gue ngerasa seperti dia, merasa bersalah. Tapi gue nggak ngebandingun dia sama pacar gue. Gue hanya suka aja gitu


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