Proud to be a woman!

Hehehe :p

Few days ago, I feel like, why woman and man is so different?

Why woman can’t show her feeling first towards a man when a man can? Especially when an east-culture is inside her.

It is so unfair. It feels like a man can choose a woman he likes but a woman only can choose man that come to her.

Until yesterday, I always feel that, unfairness.

But today i realized something. My man lecturers, 2 of them, are more respect to girls than to boys. Moreover, he gave many hard pressure to boys than to girls. I feel “oh yes, of course. Boys are stronger than girls right?”

Hey, wait! If it is like that, so why I feel that unfairness yesterday? It’s really wrong right? Why am I yesterday?

Woman is really high, even in man’s eyes.

Woman can choose a right man for her, without so many hard effort to search.

Woman is special, caring and loving her is really wonderful.

If woman is really that high, so why many woman lowering her rank by wearing wrong outfits? Opening many parts of her body can lowering her status in man’s eyes. So, don’t ever do that.

Proud to be a woman!


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